Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Wainscott First, A Fiesta, and My Favorite Egg...

Saturday am, I woke up at the crack of dawn to head to the airport for my quick trip to my favorite "D" - Dallas!  (That early alarm at 5:05 am was oh-so-worth it!)

I had a "first" on this trip....  (I do not think my Dad believed me what-so-ever, but it finally happened).  On Friday, I decided that it would be ridiculous to check a suitcase for a 24 hour stay in Dallas, so I decided that I would take some extra time organizing my travel-size toiletries, pack a little lighter and was going to conquer this "carry on bag thing".  (This has never been done in the Wainscott household, including by my husband.  He is WORSE than I am when it comes to his clothes, his shoes and his over-packing issues.  You have no idea. It's absurd.)  It took some extra time, but HOLY COW - it was so nice stepping off the plane and heading right outside without having to wait with the 287+ people hovered around the one baggage carousel that always seems to be the only one in service.  Doesn't matter what airport... 

 Brunch at Breadwinner's in Dallas is a MUST when in town...

 Had to try out The Rustic, Saturday afternoon with Steph and Steph.  What a FUN place!  This is a must-go in Dallas if you have not been....  Huge backyard patio, live music, fun drinks and some Texas goat cheese (well that's what the menu said).  What more could a girl want?

Saturday night was Ben and Lydia's Couples Shower...  What a fun and very special night for such a dear friend.  It just seems like it was yesterday when we were all sitting outside at the fabulous Dallas Arboretum watching these two love-birds exchange their vows.  Time sure does fly... And only a year later here we are with Baby Wright on his/her way!  They are not finding out the sex of the baby, and it's about to kill me!  Haha... And it's not even my baby.  

But for the record, I am saying - GIRL!

 Plenty of gifts, Fiesta-style food, a fun baby picture guessing game, and the cute couple!

It was supposed to be a "baby" picture guessing game, but guess who forgot to grab a picture?!?!  Yours truly... This was all I could find on my trusty I-Phone 10 minutes before guests arrived.  
Really Mom?  There are simply no words. None...

 Steph, Carrie and soon to be Momma Wright!

I have been husbandless since Saturday...  I left for Dallas on Saturday and Brad left for Tampa early Sunday morning and will be back Thursday.  For our whole dating/engagement period, we were pretty much long distance.  When we first started dating, Brad traveled three days a week.  Then 8 months later, we got engaged and he immediately took a position with Progressive here in Louisiana, traveling back to Dallas every weekend to see his lovely fiancee....  (Was he trying to tell me something?)  SO with that being said, this week feels like the old days.  

Otherwise known as - Cereal and maybe a glass of wine for dinner, watching reality TV that Brad rolls his eyes at, (but secretly watches when I am not looking), and going to bed early....  

What a nice surprise to walk in and the place was SPOTLESS!  I was thrilled....  What a sweet husband to have all the laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, etc... DONE.  And he left me a bottle of wine, a sweet card and these two gems...

 My favorite egg of all time!

Hump Day tomorrow...  We (My 3rd grade team and I) are all on countdown here in LA...  8 days until the fun, Louisiana State Assessment known as I-Leap.  Hardest test I have seen for a nine year old.  Already having nightmares.  

Guess I better have a swig of that wine.

Have a great rest of the week!



Friday, March 21, 2014

Jentri Blayke and Some LA Culture...

One of my dearest friends had a baby this week!  Jentri Blayke Bailey was born Tuesday morning - all 6 pounds and 14 oz.  And just last week ladies and gentleman, if that wasn't enough - The Bailey's moved into a new house like 6 days ago!  Talk about BUSY.... If chasing a two and a half year old around 24 hours a day,  teaching 3rd graders, packing up a whole house, and moving across town will wear a a non-pregnant girl out, I cannot imagine doing this while READY TO POP!  This girl is my hero for sure...

Jentri is SO beautiful and I am so sad I was not there to welcome her into this world....

Ralna is one of my closest girlfriends.  What a great friend she has been.  We lived together for my last six months in Lubbock before heading to Big D!  And we knew right then, that 6 months was long enough for us two to live together.  We had way TOO much fun and nothing ever got done.   Procrastination at it's finest....  

Those poor kids I taught those six months...

I am so happy for Ralna, Jeff and big sister Landri.  

 Little did she know she was pregnant in her little black dress....

With only one child.....

A few minutes later and her she made her debut!

Proud big sis Landri!

And yesterday was Cultural Arts Day at school...  WOWIE!  Let me tell you, South Louisiana has some culture...  The kids had a ball.  We were outside most of the day.  Ice sculptors, local authors, dancers, a blue-grass band, an improv comedian, and a display of  zoo animals were just a few of the presenters!  

 Kids were in complete bliss and I was wore OUT!  Good things we did not have kids today...  
 Sometimes teachers welcome a staff development day full of adult conversation with no one asking for a Band-aid or if they can go to the bathroom for the third time in 54 minutes.

Off to Dallas tomorrow for a quick 24-hour trip to celebrate the future Baby Wright!  

Lots of babies these days.  Lindley, you are NEXT!  Two weeks from today little Tess will be here. 

Have a great weekend all~



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Loves in Texas...

Well, I took a little road trip last week to Dallas to see the fam!  I was THRILLED to go.  Had the car loaded to the hilt, King Cake for Mom to try,  gassed and Starbuck's upped and just me and the open road.

Unfortunately, Brad had to stay here in LA for work (apparently garbage people don't have a Mardi Gras break).  I love traveling with my husband, but there is something about an "ALONE" road trip that I love!  YOU control the radio, YOU control the stopping and NON-STOPPING (in my case), YOU control the speed, temperature, and etc...  It's very liberating!  I am not a stopper.....  I prefer to HAUL BOOTIE and get to my destination as fast as I can.  I do not use the restroom that often, or at all for that matter, but that's a whole other blog posting that I will refrain from doing to save the family name embarrassment....
Brad likes to take his time, frequently stopping for Sugar-Free Red Bulls and spending silly money on lottery tickets.... Sigh.  ("Heather, You can't win, if you don't play!.....")

But this trip was sans Red Bull, lottery tickets, and his IPOD.  

Here is what I was jamming to:

I do not get to listen to these 4 gems near enough, or at all when Brad is with me, so I took full advantage! 

My brother and sister-in-law were off to their much beloved country of Haiti to work with the New Hope Haiti Mission.  Cody is now one of their Board Members and they both frequently travel to Haiti many times throughout the year.  They have such a heart for this place.  So..... Mom flew in to keep Marlowe and the timing couldn't have been better.  (Dad, sadly, had to stay at home and man the house.)  I pretty much begged asked Lindz and Slade if they could come in and BRING THOSE BOYS....  It is so hard being so far away from my little loves...  Thank Goodness for Facetime!  SO pretty much, it was a weekend full of kids, slumber parties, pure glutton on Tex-Mex, and playing around.  
 Hello Long, Lost, Friend....  Brad and I ate here at least once a week while in Dallas.  

Some other Dallas things I truly miss:  the monthly "PaperCity" publication and Nothing Bundt Cakes!

Love this couple.... 

And this little girl.  Love that stomach!:)

Night before leaving this love bug.  Mommy and Daddy were both pretty sad to leave her.  But she was in GOOD hands:)

Mom and I took Marlowe into Dallas on Friday morning to do a litttle shopping and then went up to Lakewood to see pretty amazing people I worked with the last 6 years.  I miss those ladies so much!  

Mom aka "Bob" and MJ...  Matching.  Not planned Bob said...Sure!

Quick pic!

On Friday afternoon, the thndering herd came in!  I WAS SO EXCITED to see the other half of the gang....  Lindz and Slade stayed ALONE at a hotel Friday night to get caught up on some much needed sleep, and Mom and I kept all 3 kids.  SHEESH....  I was tired, but oh so fun.....  (Cody and Christy....  We did not have a Pharrell - "Happy Dance Party" on your bed, complete with little boys thrusting their bodies off all sides of the bed, mixed with some mild jumping/flailing/bootie-shaking moves.....  I promise!:)  OOPS!
 Obsessed and mildly jealous of Marlowe's play pen.  They both wanted in that contraption so BAD!  Well, Brigg's won out because that was his Friday night bed....  In the closet of course, complete with his own sound machine. 

 Starbuck's Selfie with my bedmate.  (Sans make-up).  

 The Fabulous Three....  K, B and MJ!

Uncle Slade and MJ

 Take 1 and Two 2-
Trying to get all sets of eyes on the camera at once is like herding cats.  I am glad the most important Emma, Carlos and Rescue made the picture. 

Take 3-
The looks on their faces completely crack me up.  Yes, they would be confusingly staring at "Bob", aka my mother, dancing behind me.  Wish I could have seen what moves she pulled out to master those looks of awkwardness.   

Love me some Lindz and Slade.  Like I said....  herding cats people!  Not sure what I am doing.  Kids were completely over the pics as you can tell.

Sunday morning came way too fast...  Tears, tears and more tears flowed as I pulled out of the driveway.  SO excited to get home to the hubs, but I miss my Hodges Gang like crazy.  

At least I had Lionel and Michael to serenade me on the way back to Louisiana...

Have a great week!



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our First Mardi Gras...

Well it is officially Ash Wednesday....  That means Mardi Gras has come and gone!:(  Not that I really understand what the whole Mardi Gras season is.....  But I.Love.It!!!!!!

AND....  We had a Krewe of Third Grade Parade at my elementary school last Thursday.  Oh.My.Word.....  INSANE!  That parade was definitely one of the highlights of my teaching career.  IT was a total BALL!  All the kids grouped up, designed and created their own unique floats (On their time- weeks prior)....And then it was TIME.  

Thursday at 2:00, all seven 3rd grade classes paraded around the outside of the school.  It was a two block circle full of the kindergartners - 2nd graders, teachers, parents, neighbors, community members, and etc... They all watched and duked it out for all our throws! 

They dressed up in crazy costumes, face paint, wigs... you name it!  They had millions of strands of beads to throw, along with stuffed animals, cups, candy, and my favorite.... Mini Moon Pies.  Why have I never tried one of these things?  OH MY!  Moon Pie addict here.

Some of Mrs. Wainscott's awesome floats!

 And we were off.... 

Yes, we get a week off of school, but it is more than that!  The bright colors, the spirit in the Louisiana air, the King Cakes, throws, etc... It is crazy down here.  Texans, you have no idea!

We only made it to two parades on the Northshore, so I feel like I really didn't get the "whole MG" experience, but there is always next year!  The suburb parades were great and all, but not New Orlean's worthy, from what I have heard.  

One parade, Brad's Northshore location had a tailgate for the parade!  I felt like I was back in my tailgating days at Texas Tech!  The best BBQ ribs and chicken, loud music, tons of people, and a Winnebago, strictly for the ladies' bathrooms needs.   (Not stepping foot in the "Johnny Pot" - (yes, that's Progressive's name for their port-a-potty's)...

Not Jambalya folks... Introducing PastalayaPretty delish....

 Brad helping out a friend in need of grabbing beads...
 Got a lucky horseshoe from one float!  Real gold??  Thanks Gus!

Brad and I headed down to the city yesterday for Fat Tuesday....  The weather was DREADFUL....  I mean I laid out Sunday afternoon for an hour, Monday was 65+ degrees and yesterday was 32 degrees and a constant 24+ hour drizzle.  STRANGE!

Not a good hair day or Fat Tuesday, but it was fun to be in the city for the three short hours we were there.  Thank God for the Progressive Waste Bus we got to sit in on Canal Street.  We also got to tool around through the streets on a mini-trash van...  Never did I think I would talk about trash so much in my life!

YUCKY weather = a cap and Brad's only excuse to pull out the LSU pullover! 

 Bourbon Street - pretty empty.
 Canal Street....  A ghost town!

 Thank the lord for this badboy!  I wouldn't have made it!

On the other hand, I was so glad we were able to lunch on Sunday with this sweet friend!  Steph come to Mardi Gras every year from Dallas!  She does the real deal.  Goes to the Endymion Ball every MG!  She had some great stories from that night.    And she spilled the beans that Carrie Underwood Wainscott performed.  If my hubs would have known that, we would have been at that ball with bells on. 

 "School's Out Dinner" with the Gerhardt's at Sal and Judy's!

What a great first Mardi Gras it was in Louisiana...  So much culture and fun here.  

We are definitely loving this new adventure...

But...  Off to Dallas tomorrow to see the family!  Definitely in need of some MOM time... Cannot wait~

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week - Off or not!