Monday, March 14, 2016

Life Lately...

Where does the time go?!?!  I swear every time I try and sit down to write a new post, I get one word typed and then I have this 26 pound "small person" clinging to my leg.  I mean he never needs me when he is playing and I am milling around, but as soon as I call someone or sit at the computer, it's needy Nelly!

The past three weeks have BLOWN by.  And yes, being back in West Texas/Lubbock you just seem blow everywhere.  UGH.  We had very little wind in Louisiana.  Like none.  It was nice.  Hot as h%^^, but no wind.  

Tubes were a HUGE success!  Sleeping through the night like a boss around here.  Well, he was, but now we have a cough and we get to listen to that every night through the monitor.  AND twice this past week, Brad and I cleaned up vomit around 1:30-2:00 am, bathed a baby in the middle of the night, changed sheets, put a load of laundry on, and prayed hard that he would fall back into a deep trance.  Jealous I know...Darn day care germs and cough.

 Nothing like being at the hospital a quarter til 6!  Happy as a clam...

A little pre-surgery reading...

Pep-talk time...

The after math.... Screaming, wailing, and could not get enough water into his mouth fun!

The ride home at 7:20.  Can you say in and out?! 
Got him out of the care seat at home and that was the last tear he cried!  He was a CHAMP!

 Quickest 2K I have ever spent.  But at least Ledger got a free stuffed animal dog with the hospital's name on it. Sigh... :)

 Got to hang out with Uncle Cody in February...

And with this gorgeous, little girl at the park!  L was less than enthused with the toboggan in 65 degree weather, but Momma was worried about the tubes two days out.  

The house is slowly but surely coming along.  Leaving LA, I knew we would have to buy some more pieces of furniture, but LORD it has multiplied it seems.  But it has been fun, sometimes...  Just a couple of knock down drag outs, but still happily married I think.:)

 Built-ins are done...  Fun stuff first.

 Louisiana got a shelf!

We had a mid-week visit from Bob.  Daddy was back in New Orleans and I got sicker than a dog.  UGLY...  Bob saved the day!  
 Eric and Tara got to hang with Ledge while in town from Dallas!

AND Spring Break starts tomorrow...  WOOHOO!  I am going to take it easy and work on the house, have a play-date with the cousins, study for my Principal's test on Friday morning, and then head to Dallas for a much needed girl's weekend, while the hubs and Ledger have a boy's weekend here.  

A weekend that doesn't include a monitor or cleaning up vomit at 1:00 am...  Cannot wait.

Happy Spring Break!