Monday, August 24, 2015

Slow Down Time...

I never really thought I would ever say those words about Ledger, but I am NOW.  Its' going by WAY TOO quickly and I hate IT!  Every little milestone that he is hitting, the small little attitude he is acquiring (The hubs says that it's all from Shalyn - That would be my awful, hicky Texas middle name - Sorry Mom.)  It's all too much!  As one as my good friends says; "I can't even!"

He is huge or my favorite word "ginormous".  He is a solid 20-21 pounds and a head that weighs at least half of that:)  He makes Brad and I laugh more everyday.  His facial expressions; his "leave me alone" face, his infectious laugh/giggle, his new found shrieking voice, etc...  If we could sit on the floor with him for 10 hours a day we would, but that sure doesn't pay the bills!  

I love this sweet age, my most favorite and it is fleeting before my eyes...

 Mom fail....  10:00 am at Target.  Ledger looks drunk, still in his pajamas and clearly I have not mastered the seat cover thingy.  I mean look at that thing.  All wadded up.  I propped the Kind Bars up beside him.  Obviously, that worked well too.  And right after this picture, L had an epic meltdown.  So I carried him throughout Target all while pushing the cart with groceries to the brim.  That was fun.

We love our Nike's.

And we love to sleep on our tummy.

And sitting up in the crib!  WHAT IS THIS?!?!?  Lowering this badboy tonight!

  And we love gnawing on our favorite person's hand, knuckle, finger, etc...

6 months on has been my most favorite time with Ledger.  What a little character he has become!  The happiest baby on the block for sure.

Still not sleeping through the night or saying "Mama", but I'll let it go for now!:)

Happy Monday Friends,



Sunday, August 9, 2015

Well Hello Again...

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind!  Once back from our little Florida getaway, school was calling.  I don't know any other profession that it takes at least 2 weeks getting your room or office ready to start work.  OH, the life of an elementary school teacher.  The first day has come and gone and tomorrow starts our first full week of school.  

But this past week, Ledger came down with the crud.   (Thank you to three days of daycare.).  Took him to the Dr. and no ear infection, thank you LORD!  Just snotty nose, hacking cough, and a fussy baby.  So after countless tries with the humidifier, slathering essential oils all over the body, Children's Mucinex, Boogie Wipes, the snot sucker, and etc...  He wasn't any better.  So I called the pediatrician and begged and begged for something stronger.  Started him on antibiotics Thursday night and what a difference THAT makes.  Woohoo!  My happy baby is back in action!

 Monday at the Dr.  Poor little guy...

When Ledger gets a glimpse of this, all hell breaks loose.  OH MY LORD!  You would have thought I chopped off his left ear and right arm.  It takes BOTH Brad and I to hold him down.  It has gotten to be quite comical.  I know, kind of cruel, but funny!  

Wednesday morning Brad wakes up and sounds like DEATH.  I mean, horrible.  Soooo, he gets a Z pack Wednesday and by Friday aftenoon late, I thought I was dying...  So another Wainscott was prescibed a steroid shot and a Z-Pack.  GOOD GRIEF!  It spread all throughout this house at a rapid speed!  It's one thing to be sick when their isn't a child involved and you can come home, crash in bed, get up to maybe brush your teeth and crawl back into bed at 8:00.  Those days are long gone...

 Got to love a Z-Pack...

Here it is Sunday and we all are three on the mend - fingers crossed!   We need a week where we are all three healthy, not hacking up a lung, and depleting boxes of Kleenex at warp speed. 

 I love this.  I think this is a great idea for the first full week back!  Don't you guys think so?

Happy Sunday All!