Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Happenings...

This weekend was super fun and jammed packed! A haircut, a birthday party, dinner guests and lots of football watching...  (AND the Tech game.  Excruciating loss.)

Yes, it was time.  Time for L to get his first hair cut.  This dude has some hair.  Fine hair like Mommy's that sticks up all over his head like he just stuck his finger in a light socket at all times.

It started out a little rough, but he was a trooper and there were no "real" tears...

 "I survived!"  Head smooshing and all....

 The before and after...

Fresh new do!

Then it was off to our girl, Greta's 1st birthday party!  Boy, were we excited!  Nothing says fun like an inflatable pool filled with colored balls...  Best.idea.ever.  Ledger lived in there for a good hour.

Didn't snap many pics.  The hubs had to work, so nothing says fun like taking an 8 month old alone to a 1 year old's birthday party.  I felt like I had ran a marathon after leaving the party.  

The days of "sitting" are way gone.  

And then there is teething.  Oh dear.  

This cartoon is a little oogie...  Two teeth coming in here in the Wainscott household.  Especially last night from 3:00-4:15.  Poor baby.  And parents:)

BUT, it's a  4 day week for us St. Tammany Teachers... Gotta love the Parish Fair! 



Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dallas for Labor Day...

What a fun Labor Day weekend it was in Dallas!  

Now, getting TO Dallas was another story.  Nothing says fun like a 9 hour road trip with a 7.5 month old.  We talked about flying, but we thought that would have been a complete headache.  We needed our car, car seat and base, L's food, formula, etc...  Not that we couldn't have bought food and diapers in Dallas.  

We decided to leave on Thursday after school and drive 5 hours to Shreveport, stay in a hotel and drive the rest of the way Friday morning.  In my head, it worked PERFECTLY....  

 Let's ROLL Guys...

The first two hours of the trip were heaven.  Ledger slept, he talked to his mirror and entertained himself with the plethora of toys hanging off his car seat.  We stopped at Chick Fil-A in Lafayette to change and feed Ledger and grab a bite for ourselves.  Well, Ledger had peed through his diaper, all over his outfit and soaked the car seat. (It could have been vomit, so I am not griping.)  Once changed and shoved into the high chair inside, he pretty much refused to eat ANYTHING.  He would arch his back and purse his lips together and then swat his hand at the spoon.  He and I were covered in sweet potatoes and pears.  What a lovely little combo....  

I knew this was going to be bad.  Real bad.  He would be hungry in less than an hour and we would have to stop again.  

So here's the reader's digest version:  After dinner, Daddy forgot he had to do his 17th 2015-2016 Fantasy Football Draft on his phone Thursday night at 7:00, so Mommy had to drive, all while Ledger screamed bloody murder in the back seat.  It was a pleasant hour and a half drive before we stopped to feed Ledger and change him into his pj's at a rest stop somewhere in rural Louisiana.  We pulled into the Homewood Suites in Shreveport, LA at 10:30 pm.  Daddy had his earbuds in completely ignoring and over Mommy all while Ledger was wide awake ready to ROLL....  OH the joy....:)

Where are we and why am I still in this car seat?!?!

A hotel room?   LET'S PARTY!  
All followed by screaming "Dada" at the top of his lungs and letting out multiples shrills we have NEVER heard him do.   

 A bath at 11:00 pm and Mommy forgot my ezchema soap and shampoo.  Just a plain water bath.  Awesome...

So after screaming "Dada" again at a decibel I didn't know a 7 month old could belt out, sitting up and playing in his pack in play at 3:00 am and "up and at' em" at 5:30 am, we decided it was time for us to do the walk of shame out of the Homewood Suites.  Our poor, poor neighbors...  We couldn't get out of Shreveport fast enough. 

Brad and I got in the car and lost it.  We were in hysterics.  Could not stop laughing about the past 10 hours.  The shrills of our precious little one at 3:00 am, us not speaking for an hour cruising down the road, and asking each other who's idea it was to drive!  We decided that sleep was overrated and we just needed a Starbuck's and one STAT!

Friday was MUCH better and we were in Dallas in no time.  

We had lunch with some great friends on Friday.  Charlie did not know what to think about Ledger at all.  They basically just stared at each other.

 So fun having lunch with Uncle Cody and Marlowe...

 SO happy Ledger and I got to go up to Lakewood on Friday.  Spent 6 years of my life with these sweet ladies.  Miss them so much.... 

Had some yummy Mambos and Mexican food with Joe and Danna at Mi Cocina!

 And a great dinner with Steve, Kapua and Ethan.  Kapua was the baby whisperer.  Ledger loved her and was quite impressed with little Ethan!

 Aunt Christy's Surprise Sprinkle!  We can't wait for Baby Girl Hodges #2 coming soon in October.

 Aunts and Crazy Cousins... minus Knox and Ellis!

 Bob and two of the troops.  The look on their faces cracks me up! 

 More Dallas friends and Daddy!

Brunch at our fave Taverna with some more friends.

 And all smiles on Monday morning at after our unannounced 5:15 am wake up call.... I don't think Mommy and Daddy looked this happy to be woken at 5:15 am:)

What a wonderful jam-packed weekend it was in Dallas.  Ledger pretty much lived in his car seat trying to see as many people as we could, as we still didn't see everyone.  He was a CHAMP!  

I think the next trip to Texas we will go ahead call Southwest and Hertz and nix the 9 hour car ride.  It was a great idea for about 10 minutes... :)

Happy Sunday!