Sunday, May 8, 2016

May Already?...

I seriously have zero idea how it is already May.  Wasn't it just the IceMageddon of the decade here in Lubbock?  That was a nice welcome back gift.  

13 days left of school.  I cannot believe it, but I am ready - and I had a two and a half month break in there!  I think I speak for ALL teachers - WE are ready, and hello - the kids are TOO!  LOTS of stuff will be crammed into the next three weeks....  STAAR - that bad 5-letter word, end of year tests,  award ceremonies, class parties, Buddy Fun Day, park days, and a thousand other things to do!  WHEW!

Well, here is a photo dump of what has been happening the past 30 days.  The blog has suffered lately.  I just get home at night and have nothing witty nor funny to report some days.  It was much easier when I had a baby that napped from 430-530 every afternoon and I could carve out that time for this blog.  Now, I am keeping up with a loud, babbling, fit throwing, cute as pie little boy.

 Lubbock wind still at it's finest.  Love coming home to find the brand, new wreath ripped to shreds and scattered all over the yard...

 These bloomed this week.  Very appropriate I thought.  Purple and gold aka Geaux Tigers!  A part of Louisiana here with us in Lubbock.

Awesome night with these sweet friends at Jenn Hatmaker.  She was amazing.  And hysterical!

Who needs cartoons when you have Steve Harvey?  He could do this all day every day if we let him.  The Game Show Network is his fave.

 Yep, ladies and gents - we have a little bit of an attitude these days...  Thank you molars!

Pout pout face...  No wonder his favorite book is Pout Pout Fish!

But MOST days, this is what we get at the Wainscott household.  Molars cut through FINALLY, and our precious, chill, little babe is back in action...

Last weekend was spent with the whole Hodges Clan celebrating Ellis's birthday and the baptisms of Knox, Briggs and Ellis.  It was two days packed full of fun!

 Happy Birthday Sweet E!

These two are the best of buds...

AND these two....  God Bless Them.  Eating Cheerios off the cement.  I mean Ellis is the 3rd child so I get it.  Ledger is the first and you think I would be a bit more concerned.  Well, I am not and I am kind of shocked.   At least they were eating Cheerios and not rocks or something.

Just some "mild" pushing to get to the crushed, little snack!

Sweet, little Maren...

Love these sweet guys...

And when the uncles get together, flying babies is always to be expected.  I always thought it was funny and quite entertaining pre-Ledger.  I trust them both - I mean they were college athletes for Pete's sake - BUT HOLY MOLY.  Ledger was soaring....  EEEIIIKKK!

 I don't mind mid-day snuggles when someone has a fever at daycare and has to leave. 

Teacher Appreciation week was last week and our administration OUTDID themselves.  They are the best!  Jeans all week, breakfasts, lunches, Bahama Bucks treats, fun drawings throughout the day on Friday, and so many other things.  And Friday morning we went to our boxes and each teacher's favorite Sonic drink was sitting there!  Woohoo - I'll start any day w a Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper!  

And today, Mother's Day has been nothing short of spectacular...  Church, brunch, a nap, and spending the day with my two favorite guys...

SO thankful for these two ladies.  Couldn't be prouder to call them Mom and Mother-in-Law...

And.....  the best gift of all, (after calling him my favorite non-sleeper yesterday) was that this kid slept from 7:40 last night to 8:15 this morning.  Yall, this is unlike anything we have ever experienced with this child in 480 days of being on this Earth.  

Dear Lord, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing sleep Brad and I had last night.  I don't know what I did to deserve it, but please let me know and I will continue to do it forever I promise.  But let's be real, I am sure this mini-phase will be short-lived.  Don't worry, I will let you know about it.  But anyways, thank you again for the night of uninterrupted, blissful thing called continuous sleep.



Happy Mother's Day All...