Friday, July 18, 2014

Oh Baby...

YEP - it is true.  We are having a bebe!  It really hasn't sank in yet.  Well some days it has, and some days it's like a dream.  (Like all of June when the morning sickness was EVERY.DARN.MORNING....  I knew I was pregnantThat part of this wonderful thing called pregnancy was for the birds!)  But I hope we are past that point. 

We were able to tell my family in Seaside in June!  Brad and I had known for two weeks prior, so that was HARD to lie to my Mom every day that we talked.  NOT that I was really lying, I was just NOT telling her a LARGE piece of news.  They were all ecstatic....  IT couldn't of gone any better.  Cody and Christy were shocked I think, Slade and Lindsey had made a dinner bet that I was pregnant seeing that when we announced it, Lindz yelled, "Slade Hodges, YOU owe me dinner!  I told you!" (Apparently, I am a really poor liar.  And I should of never of divulged that I ate a box of Jr. Mints for breakfast the week prior) and Mom and Dad were in utter shock. 

Knox wasn't too sure about the baby at first.  But he did warm up to the idea of a real baby being in my stomach and named the baby.  Are you ready?  'Freddie' for a boy and 'Pixie Dust' for a girl.  Needless to say, we have all named the baby Freddie!  We refer to the baby as "Freddie"!  Even not knowing the sex yet, Freddie is here to stay -- for now.

There were LOTS of screams and tears.  Sheer perfection.

 Here is how we told the Hodges Clan.  I made each of the nephews and little niece a bucket full of beach goodies, so I decided to make one for Baby W and that is how we announced it. 

 Cannot wait to add one more to this crazy, sweet trio!

And to this growing bunch.  Love.these.people...
Then a couple weekends later, we made the trek to San Antonio to share the news with Brad's mom Debra!  I really don't think she had a clue either.  Brad and I had found a cute pillow on Etsy that we thought would be perfect!  We (again lied) and said we had brought her something fun back from Florida.  She completely fell for it!  She was in shock I think...  She just read and re-read the saying on the pillow before she said anything to us!  Priceless reaction.  This will be her first grandchild and we couldn't be anymore excited for her!  She will be an amazing Grandmother (or whatever she wants to be called!)

Sweet son and Mom!  
 (Ignore the LSU pullover fellow Texans!  He said it's comfortable.  He hasn't converted (yet?)

It has been quite a summer.  The best thing was telling all of our friends in Texas!    They couldn't have been happier for us.  Many of my closest friends called it before I announced it. I lied to so many friends, and little did I know the horrible liar I was, because they just let me roll with it!  (Sorry Lindley!)  

We couldn't be happier.  What a true blessing from God this baby has been and will continue to be.  I am one of the last girls to get pregnant in many circles of friends, so the advice is rolling in and WOW - it is great and so overwhelming!  There are so many things to know, to buy, to wear, to use, to not buy....the list goes on.  Thank you for all your kind words!  It makes this journey so much sweeter.

It's both scary terrifying and exciting wrapped all in one! But like my mom reminds me...
"You are not the first girl to ever get pregnant" and "You won't kill the baby!"  Thanks Mom.

Have a great weekend all!



Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Texas Tour 2014...

Oh my...  Where do I even begin?  Just returned home from a whirlwind of a Texas Tour.  Over 2,001 miles of pure bliss.  (We added up the mileage yesterday on our LONG drive home somewhere between Shreveport and Alexandria - There isn't a THING out there.)  But it was worth it!

We started our Texas Tour two weekends ago in San Antonio.  We had a QUICK trip to see our friends Lisa and Cole and Brad's mom Debra.  Lisa and Cole are moving to Alpharetta, Georgia (outside ATL) very soon, and we wanted to see them one more time in Texas.  (We are very excited that ATL is just a SHORT plane ride away from NOLA - See you this fall!)  We ate some AMAZING Mexican food and loved visiting with my sweet mother-in-law.

Sweet Kendall greeted us with cheese and fruit tray!  'Hostess with the Mostest' just like her mother who refused to take a picture.  Kendall told us that she snuck some grapes upstairs on our nightstand for a "late-night snack!"  We didn't believe her, but she sure did.  Brad and I had a good laugh over the arrangement of grapes at midnight!

I left on Thursday, the 26th, spent the weekend with my family in Hereford, then traveled to Lubbock and Wichita Falls, and lastly to my favorite Texas city of Dallas Wednesday to enjoy the duration of my stay!  Brad flew in Thursday afternoon and it was a whirlwind of a July 4th weekend.  We were able to see so many friends and my new favorite babies, but missed some friends.  IT just wasn't long enough to fit everything in.  

 First leg of the trip....  It said it would take 10 hours 14 minutes, but this girl made it in 9 hours 32 minutes with one only stop in Shreveport!  It's amazing how quick you can get somewhere without the hubs (He loves to stop).  This girl - Pedal to the medal all.the.way...

I picked up the two cutest co-drivers for the next leg of the drive; my sweet Knox and Rescue!  Only a 4 hour drive northwest to my parents' house.  If I had a $50 dollar bill for every time I heard.... "Well, how do you know?", I swear me, nor Brad would have to work another day EVER.  Retirement here we come!  It was a lively car ride that is for sure.  Love my lil man and how inquisitive he is.

Look who we found!  Marlowe looks terrified...

We celebrated Marlowe's 1st Birthday in Hereford!  This was her 2nd birthday party.  She was not feeling 100% that day, but she and her sweet Momma were troopers!  

 The Hodges Family of Three!  

Bob and Knox!  It is a MUST to have Bluebell Ice Cream with birthday cake...

And when you are in Hereford...

The adults sometimes chalk the drive-way.  

You go swimming at the Country Club.

Eat Bob's homemade donuts for breakfast.

Kid's Size Slip-N-Slide in the backyard...  Even the adult guys (minus Dad) decided to partake in the water activities.  I won't even tell you that one brother might have gone with or without his swimsuit.  Wow...  Frightening!

Enjoying Bob and Bebo's beautiful backyard.

And...riding cars, golfing, going grocery shopping with a perfect toddler-size cart, and pushing Briggs from the big oak tree!

On to Lubbock to see some of my favorite friends.  Laughed and laughed with these girls.  Some of my best years were in Lubbock at Texas Tech University and then Brad and I were married there.  Lubbock will always hold a special place in my heart.

Love these sweet friends!

Sweet Campbell-best flower girl ever and lil Jentri!  She looks terrified to death.  Sorry sister!  So excited to finally meet this sweet little baby!

The 2014 Babies!  All of their birthdays are within a month!  Sweet Jentri, Tess, and Charlie.  

One last stop before leaving the LBK.  Taco Villa....  Oh DEAR.  If there was one here in Louisiana, I would be in serious trouble for sure and would have to be at the gym 4 hours a day!  I could live on this stuff.  Bean and cheese burrito, with extra red sauce, add sour cream AND this girl is in complete euphoria.  Taco Bell, Taco Bueno - GAG!!!  It is NOT the same.  If you are ever in West Texas, please do yourself a favor and stop!  You'll thank me.

Texas scenery.  A smidge different in Louisiana where all you see are beautiful trees.  

Dallas Girls...  Love, love these ladies.  Trying to recruit them in moving 8 hours to the southeast - the state next door!

Precious Charlie and me with my eyes closed.  Oh well!  Sweet boy that is for sure!

Brad and I literally ate our way through DFW...  That is no lie!  The new Liberty Burger in Lakewood, What-A-Burger (Brad's fave), Babe's Fried Chicken, and Zoe's!  

 Fun dinner with our dear, sweet friends Chris and Jaylen!  These two are complete greatness.  Bonded over Mambo Taxis and brisket tacos.  Yum!

Friday we had a great day staying with the Smith's!  We lived in the pool all day!  Kapua cooked some amazing meals and we loved visiting with them.  Such a great family.  Brad and lil Ethan definitely bonded.  

 What a fun day with the Smith's!  Love you guys...

 Dinner with the Renfroe's and Kneis's on Saturday and this was the only pic I got!  The dang, loud Mariachi band.  Haha...  Oh well!  A fun time was definitely had...  Thanks Joe and Danna!  

Now, back to reality...  Lots of laundry, cleaning, and getting mentally prepared for the school year that is upon us.  Teachers officially start August 4th/ Students the 7th...  WHERE has the summer gone!?!  

And this Sunday will be the Wainscott's 1st Year Anniversary.  HOLY COW....  Married for a year?  Cannot believe it.  In some ways I feel like we have been married only a month and then sometimes it feels like it has been 10 years!  Haha....  He would agree.  Don't worry!:)

Have a wonderful week all!