Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Home Sweet Home, Kind Of...

Well, we made it to Lubbock after two days in the car and one overnight pit stop in Dallas.  Bob flew in Wednesday and drove back with Ledger and I starting Thursday.  There is no way I would have made it without her.  She is a complete Godsend.  She rode in the backseat entertaining the child the WHOLE.WAY.HERE.  She was a clown for some of the way, making funny faces and noises to keep him occupied, and a Southern Baptist choir member (which she really is) singing hymns like "The Old Rugged Cross", "How Great Thou Art", "Jesus Loves Me."  Jack of all trades...

 And I tell you, those hymns did the trick.  Passed right out.  

We have been here since Friday and I swear it feels like we are just visiting...  And the fact that all of our furniture, cozy king sized bed, pictures, home decor, (AND a full case of formula and all of MY SHOES!!!!) are packed away in storage and we are living in a corporate apartment for a short time while looking for a house, probably doesn't help the fact that I think we are just visiting!  (That was a complete run-on I know...)

 Yes, this is a 10X20 foot storage building.  Packed to the HILT.  There is NO WAY in heck I am finding those shoes and formula in the next 30-60 days.  Someone is going shopping!:)

We had a lot of fun our last days in Louisiana.  Some great dinners, visits, play dates and a lot of tears.  
Swinging out at the lakefront.  Our last sight of water for a while!:)

 LSU vs. Alabama Party...
Mommy fail.  Faux pas wearing red to an LSU Game Watching Party.  OOPS!
"Ledger, you were supposed to wear purple and gold!"

 Couples dinner at Sal and Judy's...

 Saying goodbye to sweet Miss Linda was brutal.  If I could have moved her to TX with us, we sure would have.  Ledger loved her more than ANYONE!

 And this goodbye was the hardest...  I met Rachel at the gym we where we both worked out.  I kind of recognized her from Woodlake, thinking she taught at the same school as I did.  From that fateful day on that treadmill, I knew we would be life long friends.  I went home and told Brad that I think I had found my first friend in LA.  Haha!  We shared many dinners, late nights hanging out with the four of us, hospitals tours, and most importantly sharing our pregnancies only four months apart.  Rachel is a true gem, a one-of-a-kind, loyal friend and I know that God sent us to Louisiana and she was all part of his plan.  As we were bawling together outside her house Thursday afternoon, we vowed to say this was not goodbye, but see you soon.  Thank the Lord for I-phones and Facetime.

 And these sweet ladies...  How I am going to miss them!  What a team to work with.  They made going to school each and every day so much fun, even when you were having a rough day.  There was always something to laugh about in the "Green Wing".

Just some sweet gifts and letters from my LA family and kids in my class that I will treasure forever.

 Our Last LA Selfie...
We are looking a tad rough.  Sweaty, no make-up and poor L has the Bill Murray hair going. This was minutes before leaving LA and heading to Dallas. 

 Has all the toys in the world and a water bottle is his go-to!

Pit stop in Dallas with Sweet Marlowe.  Books in bed!

Stealing the paci from Maren.  And he never even took a pacifier!

 No trees, but we have wind turbines:)

 And my sweet TX friends... Breakfast from Lin and a fun, energy packed playdate with Miss Campbell!  She sure did just plop him in the Bumbo and start reading to him!  I see a lot of babysitting from her in my future.

Ledger has NO idea what wind is.  The wind doesn't blow in Southern Louisiana.  But boy, it sure does here.  Running errands today and he had ZERO idea what to think about the 40mph gusts.  And he kept looking at me as to why he had so many clothes on.  He is used to being scantily clad in the southern humidity!

So, here we are as our new chapter begins.  Very excited to get this party started!

And to shop for some shoes other than my tennis shoes...




Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween or Lack There Of...

So we have had one, little sick boy at our house.  Let's just say that the word "EARS" is the new four-letter word, if you know what I mean.  I know every Mom can relate.  And I am sure tubes are next on our agenda.

It started two weeks ago with a shot, one round of Suprax, and the purchase of the $100 Nebulizer.  Nothing screams fun like trying to give a 9 month old a 15 minute breathing treatment twice a day.  Total whip.  Then back at the Dr. for a round of Augmentin 6 days later.  Four days later, we still had a screaming, feverish baby so we were back again this past Thursday for one shot of Rocephin.  And then that turned into another shot Friday afternoon and one last one Saturday morning.  I think the Wainscott's paid the pediatrician's rent for the month of October.  WHEW.... I mean we might as well just popped up a tent in the yard of Fairway Pediatrics and stayed a while.   

But L is back to his happy-go-lucky self so that is all that matters.  

 After screaming himself to sleep after shot #1.  Pitiful, just pitiful...  This just makes my heart hurt.  

 Calm before the storm... Aka Shot #3...

So, needless to say Halloween plans were out the window. (Most Halloween celebrations were moved to Friday night here in Mandeville due to torrential downpours on Saturday...)  So, we just a had a semi-play date/photo session with our girl Greta on Saturday.   

 Cutest pumpkin I have ever seen.
  They pretty much wanted nothing to do with each other, until they found Ledger's baseball and football.  Then they just took the balls out of each others hands and repeated this 453 times.

Our 2015 Halloween Photo Session...

I am hoping for a healthy baby and productive week of packing, sorting and PURGING!   No better time like the present.

Happy Monday!