Monday, November 24, 2014

Week of Surprise and Shower...

Was last week the LONGEST.WEEK.EVER for anyone else?  Holy Moly!  I guess the excitement of having this whole week off was just too much for everyone here in LA.  It drug on forever, but not without a few "HIGH" points...

On Tuesday about 3:50, I was in the hallway, herding cats   aka students for dismissal, and it was WILD.  Like I said, longest.week.ever....  When I saw something come around the corner and I couldn't believe my EYES!  I am rarely at a loss for words, but here was one of those moments.  My brother, sister-in-law Christy, and precious niece Marlowe with my husband in tow were walking towards me. 

WERE MY EYES PLAYING TRICKS ON ME?  No they were not!  My brother and sister-in-law had surprised me with a quick pit stop in New Orleans en route to Nashville!  Oh my lordie it was so so good to see family!  

Love this sweet, precocious little girl!  Best Tuesday ever in this classroom.

Love the Hodges Clan of Three!

 Precious MJ...

I still cannot believe that they flew in for about a 7 hour visit, but I cannot thank them enough!  What a special day it was.  Our time was WAYYYY too short, but hopefully they will be back soon.  Brad took them to the airport the next morning heading to Nashville...  

Thursday was my school baby shower!  One more time to shower Ledger with such love and  generosity, fun and much appreciated gifts, yummy food and the best punch ever.  (A bottle of champagne in the punch would have made it a "10", but I don't need to get arrested on an elementary school campus and Ledger would probably not have appreciated the bubbles.)

I swear, I have worked in 4 elementary schools during my time teaching and I have undoubtedly have been blessed with the best co-workers ever in all 4 schools.  Not everyone can say that I realize, but I truly can....  This Louisiana bunch is amazing!  We get along so well and laugh DAILY about something...

Love these women.  We are all from different backgrounds, states, religions, political views, and display a WIDE variety of personalities, BUT I couldn't love these ladies anymore.  
*Mary, how did we miss you in this pic!:(  So sorry!

How adorable are these?! And what is funny is that they are from two of the sweetest ladies that work at Woodlake:  One is a Louisianan and one is a Mississippian.  Who would have thought?  Thanks Sallie and Beverly! 

And this onesie...  So, so funny.  Not "Who Dat!".... "Poo Dat!"  Thank you Mary!  Anytime you want to come change a "Poo Dat", you are more than welcome.  Love it!

 32.5 weeks today...  At 19 inches long and 4 pounds, he is growing like a weed.  
(So is his momma - I blame it on the amount of Captain Crunch and Rolos that are being consumed daily!)

Feeling good and getting anxious about his arrival.  Not sleeping well at all, but I think God is preparing me for what is about to become the norm for the next 18-21 years of fun!  The nursery is ALMOST complete, diaper bag is ordered, closet is organized, clothes are starting to get washed with the EXPENSIVE detergent (Sheesh!), but I am sure I am forgetting to do something.  Since I cannot travel over Christmas Break, I will have lots of down time to finish up all the prep work for Ledger's arrival and just VEG...

Mom and Dad fly in tomorrow through Saturday.  Cannot wait to have them here for 4 whole days...  Lots of shopping, eating, and who knows what else!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.  I hope everyone has a blessed week celebrating, eating, relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends.



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Whoa Baby and a Birthday...

Brad and I finally got to see little Ledger up close last Tuesday.  The day had arrived for our "on the house" 3/4 D sonogram....  We were SO EXCITED and hoping to get some clear pics of his precious, little face!

Our appointment was at 3:30 and we finally got called back at 4:21.  Awesome...  I love waiting.

At 3:40 the reception called me up to the front desk and asked me how I was going to pay for the 3/4D sonogram.  I think I might of laughed out loud, choked on my water and politely said:

"Ma'am, I spoke with your office manager Vikki about 2 months ago after our huge gender reveal ordeal DEBACLE with Donna, and this one is on the house."  She kindly responded, "OH...I remember that...  No charge!" 

But OH.SO.WORTH.IT...  I will spare you will all the pics, but here were some of the best ones....
 His hands and feet were both stretched back over his forehead.  Would NOT stop moving.  Lord... help me! 

Sweet baby with his button noes and big, full lips.  Where he got those lips, we are still wondering.  He already has a FULL head of hair.  He is still head up she told us.  His head is right by my belly button and his cute, little bum is sitting smack dab on top of my bladder.  That explains a lot... Cannot wait until he turns.  That is going to feel awesome.

Seeing these pictures sure makes it real...  And scary:)

AND...  It's my favorite guy's birthday today.  The BIG 3-7!  The Lord sure knew what he was doing when he thought our paths should cross that one day in March of 2012.  This guy is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, my love, an amazing Godly leader of our family and the most patient husband known to man.  He is an amazing son, son-in-law, brother, uncle, grandson, husband and in 60 short days, will add the most important title of "Daddy" to his resume.  I.cannot.wait... Ledger is a lucky little guy to have such a wonderful Dad already. 

Thank the Lord my husband is an amazing cook...  Even if it's his own birthday dinner!:) I did the crescent rolls.  Whew... taxing I tell ya.  A meal is not complete without a Pillsbury crescent. (And a close second is a Cracker Barrel biscuit or a Cheddar Bay Biscuit from Red Lobster).

Brad's one request for birthday dessert was Winn Dixie Red Velvet Cupcakes (Ok at best, but the hubs favorite:) and homemade Oreo Cake Balls!  Easy enough...

Sweet Rachel and Greta, aka Ledger's first girlfriend.  Failed to get a pic of the guys. 


 What a special gift!  Blessing beads for Ledger's nursery...  Love.these!!

Well, we have one week of school left before Thanksgiving Break, 5 1/2 weeks until Christmas, and 8 1/2 weeks until Ledger's arrival (hopefully)...  Ready or not, time is going to definitely fly by...

Have a great week everyone!




Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pregnancy Brain and Fall Favorites...

Today is Week 30!  OH MY - 9-10 weeks left?  EEEIIIIKKKKKK...  It is starting to set in that we are definitely having a baby.  

 Especially when I look in the mirror.  (What was I thinking with the horizontal stripes? - Good Lord.)  Yep, it's real.  No turning back now!

And I am pretty much SCARED.TO.DEATH.  I am.  My minds wonders all the time and I find myself thinking about these questions:
  • What am I to do with this baby named Ledger?  What/who will he look like?  Please Lord let him have Brad's patience and NOT mine......
  • Will I do everything wrong?
  • How much do I need to feed him?  
  • What schedule do I put him on since every baby book author pushes a different schedule and thinks theirs is PERFECT?
  • Spit up, throw up, poopy diapers?  Gag me....  (Everyone says it is different when it is your child.....  Well, we are about to see if that is true or not.)
  • Will I realize what a contraction is when the time comes?
  • Will I make it to the hospital in time for the MOST IMPORTANT epidural and much needed drugs?  Not ashamed....  Bring them on.
  • Oh MY - Our lives are about to change!  Am I being selfish to think that?  
I know, I will figure it all out.  It's just so darn overwhelming!  And like my mom tells me, "Heather, you are not the first girl to ever get pregnant!"  Thanks Sharon....:)

And I am so so clumsy these days.  Tripping over 1 cm cracks on pretty much any sidewalk, stumbling down some stairs, dropping everything that my hands touch, etc... It's like nothing I have ever seen.  (Thank the Lord I am a teacher and kids love picking up things for me off the floor, running errands, and I can pretty much boss them around to get things for me at any time of the day and they don't think I am being bossy.  Awesome.) And trying to form a sentence sometimes, is like writing a 25 page term paper.  The words are just not there.  I couldn't find my cell phone last week.  Looked for over an hour.  In the fridge, by the milk.  Really?  What has happened to me?  

And my eating is pretty much out of control.  It's unreal...

Cannot put enough of these in my mouth.  It has become a sickness.   I am on White Chocolate Kit Kat overload. 

My dinner tonight.  I love some breakfast for dinner.  Brad doesn't get it nor understand.  His loss...:)

Since my free time is about to become NON-existent, I have been loving some TV lately.  My new favorite show has to be:

 WOWIE!   This show will keep you on your toes at all times.  And talk about scandalous.  Love, love love it!  It would be hard to understand if you haven't watched from Episode One, so Netflix this ASAP!  Amazing.

Chrisley Knows Best:
AND this is one that I am quite obsessed with.  Embarrassing maybe to admit, but this show CRACKS me up like none other.  Brad and I will lay in bed and laugh so hard our sides are killing us during each weekly episode.  (I am sure he loves me sharing this...) I love me some Todd Chrisley!   Such a HOOT.  I would kill to meet this Dad of five.  

Favorite letter I have received lately....  Just a 3rd grader's spelling homework.  I about died when I came across this.   (Instructions:  Write a short letter to me using 5-7 spelling words.)

My favorite Halloween costumes ever... Well Marlowe (aka "Melmo" was having a rough night last Friday.  Poor sweet girl!  Maybe she can don her costume for Thanksgiving?)  But the lil Army guy and piece of pizza had a ball from the stories I heard.  
Miss these three so so much.... 

Off  to find a snack.  The pancakes and bacon didn't suffice.  Maybe I should just go to bed instead?

Happy Weekend (nearly!) - Love these 4 day weeks....  Makes all the difference in the world.  I love Louisiana Election Day.