Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer is Upon Us....

I cannot believe that this school year is OVER.  WHERE has this year gone?  

I dreaded this year, I did; the move to another state, being so far away from family and friends, starting over at another elementary school, leaving Lakewood where I spent 6 glorious years, and leaving the big city of Dallas...

BUT - It has turned out to be a good thing!  I have had a great year at Woodlake with a FABULOUS group of kids and wonderful co-workers.  Brad's job is extremely busy, but going very well.  We have found a church we love and friends that we have so much fun with!  The move that I so dreaded has completely made Brad and I rely on each other since we are on our own.  We have grown closer and I am so thankful for that!  And I know that if God wants us here for now, this is where we will be.

The following pics tell me that summer is on the horizon, school has come to an end, and vacations are about to begin.  6 days until I see the WHOLE Hodges Clan and I am just so gitty about it, I could SCREAM.   

 After school runs at the lake...

Sweet end of year notes... (Note to self, need to work on "you're" a little more next year.)

End of Year Water Parties...

My favorite special visitor!

This is the way we empty folders in Mrs. Wainscott's room... Shhhhh!

"Paper" Angels anyone?

We had "Game Day" on Friday and one student brought this gem.  I LOVED this game when I was young!

Last Day Selfies!

And in six days, we will be here:  Watersound, Florida for a whole week.  Cannot.wait!

Hope Everyone is having a great long weekend!  



Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mother's Day List...

Well, today is Mother's Day and I want to discuss my mom...  

What a true meaning of "Mom" she completely embodies.  

Ten Favorite Things About My Mom:

1.  She is a true role model for me.  When I was little, she was first a teacher.  Then moved up to an assistant principal, next a principal and now she is retired and STILL working with student teachers around West Texas.  She is a true natural when it comes to working with children and with teachers (And working with 40+ females on a daily basis, cannot be an easy task at all!) 

2.  This lady NEVER sits down.  I can count on one hand how many times I have ever seen her laying horizontal (other than nighttime!)  Seriously, she never sits down.  She watches TV standing as she is cooking.  She does paperwork or schoolwork standing, and etc.  You get the point.  She is the best multitasking, busy-body I have ever known.

3.   She loves the Lord and lives by her Christ-like example.  Her faith is number one to her and it shines daily throughout her walk with God.  I am beyond grateful for the amazing Christ-like role model she was for us three kids growing up and continues to be!

4.  This lady can COOK!  (My Dad even sent her to a cooking school with Paula Deen, in Savannah, Georgia for one of her Mother's Day gifts!)  I swear Brad and I diet before going home to a Hodges Family Thanksgiving or Christmas, because my Mom will feed you!  

5.  Growing up, my mom was a Mom first and not always a friend.  I find that so important these days.  Yes, I am not a mom yet, but so many women want to be "buddies" and are scared to be an authoritative mom.  Thank you Mom!  I never thought I would say those words.  I am pretty sure my Mom and I might have come close to "hating" each other when I was in high school.  Oh it was bad my friends....  She wouldn't let me go to certain parties, date certain boys, stay out past 11:00pm, or wear certain (short shorts) clothes!  Tears, screaming, maybe a slammed door or two, YOU NAME IT!  It was awful.  My Dad and brothers would just want to run, hide and never come out of their secret hiding place come Wednesday of EVERY WEEK....  That's when it started:  The yelling and screaming all over a bratty 16 year old's weekend plans.

In all seriousness, THANK YOU MOM!  Thank you for being strict, and not letting me wear the daisy duke shorts to high school, date certain boys and go to the parties where you knew nothing good was going to happen.  If a had a dollar for every time my mom said,  "Nothing good happens after midnight" -  I would be a RICH WOMAN!  And now - I agree.  I will definitely be saying that to my daughter or son one day!

6.  She is always so put together.  Rarely have I seen my mom without make-up and earrings.  That is the FIRST thing she does every morning.  Even if she is going to the grocery store, mowing the yard, having a garage sale, etc. those earrings and make-up are on!

7.  She puts EVERYONE before herself.  Her children, grandchildren, sisters, my Meme, my Dad, friends, etc.  You name it!  Such a selfless woman, that would give the shirt off her back for others... That's my Mom. 

8.  She is a great dancer and singer.  In her second life, she jokes that she will return as a Broadway singer and dancer.  She has great facial expressions and some serious dance skills, but I guess the First Baptist Church Choir will have to do for now.  

9.   She is the core and rock of our family and the most self-less woman I know. When it comes to trying times with our family, she is very level headed and calm.  When my Pa Paw was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, that was one of the hardest things I had to watch my Mom endure.  As sad and gut-wrenching as it was, she always remained calm and collective and knew that God was in control, whether or not we understood it.

10.  If I can be half the Mom, Sharon Frisbie Hodges, has been to me, then I have succeeded in life.  I cannot imagine my life without her;  her love, her generosity, her advice, her love for God, her zest for life, her fabulous food, and her drive.

I love you Mom.

And I was blessed with another Mom as of July 13, 2013...  

Thank you Debra for being a great Mom to Brad and I.  You raised an amazing, selfless son that I was so fortunate to meet, date and now be his wife!  I love you so much.

 And two other moms in my family that are maybe the best two mommies that I know - My two sister-in-laws; Lindsey and Christy! 

Knox, Briggs and Marlowe are so blessed to have the two of you for Moms... 

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.  Hope you have a great day!




Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crawfish Galore...

Last weekend, I attended my first Louisiana Crawfish Boil...  Now, I have been to one in Dallas years ago, but that was nothing compared to the "real deal".

Brad's employees formed a team for a Crawfish Cook-Off.  I have never seen so many teams of people boiling up stinky, little crawfish.  It was $30 per person, and that got you all the crawfish you could stomach in one Saturday afternoon.  You have never seen anything like it!  Crawfish, funnel cakes, daiquiris, you name....  IT was there!

A lot of work for such a tiny piece of meat, but well worth it! 

Now that's some crawfish...  The smell about did me in.  YUCK, but tasted DELISH!

Brad trying to look helpful!:)

Scary looking lil suckers...

Fun Louisiana Saturday afternoon!

Well, we are on the countdown...  12.5 days left for this school year.  WHERE has this year gone?  I am excited for summer, but so sad for these kids to leave.  The group of kids I have had this year have been AMAZING!  I knew coming into this job, it was self-contained - 23 3rd graders ALL DAY LONG...  I thought "This is going to kill me!"

For the past 6 years in Dallas, I had 4 classes of 23 students or so DAILY.  SO every hour and a half, I had a new set of kids walking through my door.  And I taught ONE subject - Easy street!  I love a departmentalized school environment, but this "self- contained" year has been wonderful.  I am sure there will be tears the last day of school - There always are.  

Tomorrow we are off to our last Field Trip this year...  THE SWAMP TOUR!  

Happy Hump Day Everyone!