Sunday, August 24, 2014

IT'S A ...

Well, it's never a dull day in the Wainscott household.  So why did I expect the "reveal" of Baby W to be any different?!?!  Here is a story that one simply CANNOT make up folks....

I knew our sonogram was on Thursday, August 21st and that Donna (remember that name), would be able to tell the gender of Baby W.  I was so excited that I could hardly stand it.  Time crept by....  and finally Thursday was among us!  WOOHOO.

Baby LOOKED GREAT!  No concerns at all.  4 chambers to the heart, stomach closed, spinal cord developed, 10 fingers 10 toes....  You get the point!  Brad and I were thrilled and relived we had received such great news.  Well, we knew we did not want to find out the gender in the Dr.'s office.  Brad and I wanted to do some sort of "reveal" and video it for all our families and friends back in Texas.  So "DONNA" (I get heated every time I say that name), the sonogram tech, writes the gender on a scratch piece of paper and seals it tightly in an envelope!  Off we go...

I then took the envelope to a local bakery (it was so hard not to peek, but I refrained) and they were going to decorate the tops of the cupcakes with either pink or blue icing, seal them up tightly in a box, and I was picking them up after school on Friday to enjoy that night with our friends, David and Rachel!


Dinner was FABULOUS!  Baked brie, shrimp and grits, pecan crusted salmon, wine for the boys, lots of laughs, etc....  

 We love our LA friends...

After dinner, it was off to open the BOX!  

 Pre-Opening....  Little did we know what the next 30-40 minutes would entail.

David got the video ready to go....  Here we go:

It's A GIRL!  I was in SHOCK....  Lots of happy tears.  I have thought boy from day one, and at that moment, good lord was I WRONG!!!

The video was DARLING and off it was hurriedly sent to my family, Brad's family and all of Brad's buddies.  (I was so stunned and still an emotional, hormonal mess that I forgot to send it to my girl's! - And I had to call Mom first, of course!)

About 15-20 minutes later, Rachel, David, Brad and I are all sitting in the living room just talking about both Rachel and I having girls, laughing and relishing in "this moment" that Brad and I had long awaited for.  

I walked into the kitchen, and the envelope that I had given the bakery was sitting right there on the counter-top.  PERFECT - I was dying to see how Donna wrote out girl on the slip of paper....  I opened it up while the others were still in the living room...

I ABOUT DIED.  SERIOUSLY....  (I may have been told I can be dramatic at times by several people, but this was SERIOUS people....)

WHAT?!?!?!?!  B on a pink slip of paper????  What IS THIS?  I have no idea what I said, but the look on my face when I rounded the corner back into the living room must have said it all.  YEP......  If my thinking is correct, we were having a BOY!

I think there was a good minute or two that no one said anything.  Complete and utter shock.  Then Brad's says....  "Well y'all, I think B stands for BOY!"  So calls and texts were sent, saying to ignore the video, and we think it is a BOY.   I called my family back and yes, that's when the tears started flowing to my Mom....  It was UGLY!  Not because we are having a boy, because the whole reveal was BOTCHED.  No video, no fun pics of BLUE cupcakes, notta.  I was so disappointed, sad, emotional and the hormones were raging!  Three questions/thoughts were racing through my brilliant mind:

  • WHO the HECK writes "B" on a hot pink slip of paper?  No plain, white paper around the office?  SHEESH.  (DONNA - GRRRRRRRRR!)
  • DID the bakery just see pink and not even open up the folded paper and assume girl?

WHAT a night to remember!  Wasn't the way that I hoped or planned  it would go, but now two days out, it is starting to be comical, well starting too, a little...

And FYI - The bakery did get a little visit from Mrs. Wainscott yesterday, and Donna will be receiving a call first thing tomorrow morning. 

So there it is......  Brad and I are about 98.7% sure that Baby W is a beautiful, healthy baby boy and we couldn't be more excited.   SOOOOOOOO.....


 Baby W... Due date:  January 18th, 2015

Should be a fun day tomorrow with my students.  They drew pictures, named the baby, took guesses on the gender and wrote some STELLAR advice for Baby W on Friday.
 Gorgeous little babies.  One even comes with a cap!:)


And my 19 young friends and I will enjoy "blue" cupcakes tomorrow in honor of Baby W.

What a whirlwind of a weekend...  But such a "memorable" story to tell him when he grows up!  Still confirming with Dr.'s office first thing tomorrow morning.  Just need a little more confirmation than that "B" on the slip of hot pink paper....

Have a great week!  And all of besties in Texas - Happy First Day of School Tomorrow!  Praying that this year goes smoothly and that 2014-2015 is an amazing year for all!



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Firsts...

Well, this week I have had a couple of "firsts". Especially some since being pregnant!  Nearly half way there.  About 19 weeks and feeling good.  Just tired, but who isn't this time of year?

1.  The first full week of school is over!  Can I get a WOOHOO!

I know some people might be rolling their eyes, but go ahead!  You have no idea....  The daily 12,481 questions that are being asked (or yelled across the room), the large amount of anxious tears and bathroom trips, the 21+ new personalities you must study and master in a day or two, and getting back into a routine where a teacher's bathroom breaks are like one a day and your leisurely lunches are approximately 10-15 minutes long!  Exhausting!  Well worth it, but a WHIP!

This always seems to help on a Thursday afternoon!

2.  Well, hello old lova....
I  I broke down...  Call it a moment of weakness.  My first Starbuck's with child.  It tasted like a million bucks!  I went from going 4-5 days a week to NONE at all.  But that was OK.  The first three months the thought and smell of Starbucks made me want to seriously GAG.  But not so much now.  Lordie it was good!
3.  The "Stuffed Pillow"
I have been eying this little gem for a while now.  Every time Brad and I go into this little brunch/lunch spot here in Mandeville, I intensely stare at this jewel through the glass of the pastry showcase. It has been calling my name.  LOUDLY.  After a fun-filled day of furniture shopping in New Orleans yesterday, I decided the time had come.  Time to purchase the "stuffed pillow."  It did not disappoint one bit.  Angel food cake, stuffed with a cream cheese/bavarian cream mixture, covered heavily with powdered sugar and sprinkles.  Quite nutritious I might add.  Holy.Mother.of.Pearl.  Simply divine...
4.  The first Saints Pre-Season Game...
That's my good, old fun bottle of water.  The Saints were victorious and the water was refreshing.  But the wine sure looked mighty tasty.  Soon, soon (I keep telling myself!)
5.  AND last but certainly not least,  the first asinine, and might I add dead-serious, wonderful idea that came straight from the mouth of my lovely husband:
Him: "Hey babe, what do you think about a "football watching room" since we are in the new house and since this is my last football season before the baby comes?  I can put two of the  flat screens, side by side upstairs, and be out of your hair during all the games."
Me:  "Hmmm.  Ok - So where do you think this 'football room' should be?

Him:  "Well, in the nursery.  I mean the baby will not be here until January."

Me:  Sigh......  An an eye-roll.... And a heavier sigh...... -  "Um, not only NO, but HECK no."
Gotta love him.  Kudos for trying, I guess!
 Have a great week everyone!  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy...

WOW - The past two weeks have been a whirlwind.....  I feel as though my head is spinning!  All good things though; finishing up a grad school class (3 more to go - WOOHOO!), setting up my classroom, and packing/moving...

First thing first, we have moved!  The apartment served it's purpose for a year; for us to get settled in a new city and learn about the area.  BUT......  It was a "tad" a lot cramped.  It was like getting married all over, when we finally got to go through all of our wedding gifts that were in storage!  Woohoo!  We moved about 10 minutes away, and we LOVE it.  

 Our cute street - aka Magnolia Alley.

It is PERFECT for us.  New, modern, spacious, and it takes me 8 minutes to get to my school...  We have gotten into selling our old furniture on a local Facebook "Swap Page".  Don't ask why, there is not a good reason at all.  And luckily it has all sold like hotcakes.  Yes crazy....  So the new house is quite empty, but slowly and surely we will fill it.   

We may not have any furniture, but by golly we have a 64 inch TV that is waiting to get hung above the fireplace.  Sigh....  

 And a ladder...

Let me just tell you, nothing says "Marriage is work" quite like moving.  Holy Moly....  I will spare you the details, but Brad and I made it through 3 grueling days of moving "stuff"!  We had help with the big items, so that was a blessing.  It's just the little things and 1,654 boxes that about killed us.  
Banana boxes....  Not my friend.  And that wine box, such a tease!

Still smiling... 

Late night treat for a successful move...

Secondly, SCHOOL STARTED!  What you might ask?  Well, when you get out May 22nd, that is what happens.  I can't gripe, but geeze where did the summer go?  Teachers started Monday, we had "Meet Your Teacher" tonight and kids come Thursday.  I have a great group of kids I met tonight.  It is going to be a great year, I can just tell.

 Our theme is "Western" this year.  

Part of the great 3rd grade team!  Had a fun "Selfie" activity one afternoon.  This selfie was "Find two or more friends that want to be divas."  Not sure why the boa is wrapped around Cali's head while she dons a perplexed look?  Haha!

So that is in a nutshell what I have been doing...  All FABULOUS things, just tiring things!:)  

Hope everyone is having an amazing week and for all my LA co-workers a great first week back!  

Here We Go....