Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Lil' Vaca...

Nothing like 4 days away from this MUGGY, horrendous Louisiana weather to recharge your batteries! 

Our little getaway was AMAZING...  And I survived without Ledger. Of course most of our conversations revolved around him, but I honestly wasn't missing him too much from 10:00 pm - 8:00 am!  I slept like a rock for three straight nights. It was heaven.  Ambien heaven. 

Here is where we spent most of our days...

The weather was amazing!  Couldn't have been better.

And we did absolutely NOTHING.  I had all these plans to work out in the fitness center, jog on the beach, paddle board in the ocean, rent jet skis, and more.  
NONE of that was done.  It was nice to do nothing, (but lay around and consume calories from fruity drinks.)

 We sure did eat well.  HOLY MOLY!  The diet was certainly out the window during these four days.  We had some of the best meals.  Amazing local restaurants that were suggested from Tommy, a local Floridian, we met at the pool. 

 The weather was so nice we could even eat outside on the patio!

 Couldn't sleep one morning, so I ventured out to the beach.  What an amazing sight.  I was the only person out there.  It was so peaceful and serene....


Love this guy so much and loved our first getaway together... 

But, we were jonesing to get home to see this little guy Sunday afternoon.  And he wanted NOTHING to do with us when we burst through the door.  He wouldn't even crack a smile.  He clung to Bob for DEAR LIFE just staring at Brad and I.  Not a warm welcome at all...

 One of his BFF's for sure.
Thanks Bob for flying in to watch and SPOIL our little guy!

Now, back to reality with work and everyday life.  Soaking up the last couple of days before I start back to work soon...  Where has the summer gone?  Cannot believe it is OVER, but somehow ready for a routine.  Not ready to get dressed in "real" clothes, put make-up on daily, and leave Ledger, but ready for a scheduled routine.  Or I at least keep telling myself this.... 





Sunday, July 12, 2015

July Firsts...

I cannot believe it is July 12th.  This summer is NEARLY OVER seeing I go back to school on August 4th.  Yep, you go back in early August when you get out May 22nd.  I'll take it!

Alot of "firsts" happened this month for Ledger....

 Someone's FIRST Fourth of July.  Looks enthused I know.  His face shows how much Daddy approves of the headband.  No more headbands for Ledge I was informed.  The man of the household was NOT impressed.  Fun hater.

 His first pool party!  It sure is a different pool party with a baby in tow:)

 "Oooohhhh this is one big bath tub Mom.  I think I'll lay back and relax!"

 "This is the LIFE!"

 The sweet babes...
Top picture: "Why are these three old ladies yelling our names and dancing to get our attention?"
Bottom picture: "Ladies, don't squeeze me out!"

Home by 5:30, Ledger in bed by 7:30, the Wainscott's in bed by 9:00.  Talk about a party.  Happening July 4th I know.  And I was about to whip someone's bootie across the street because I guess in Louisiana you can pretty much shoot off a firework wherever you please.  When did I become Scrooge on July 4th?  It's called a sleeping baby!

 Ledger's first sleepover with Steph!  Steph flew in a day early to hang out with us before a wedding filled weekend in the city.  Sweetest girl ever.  She always comes bearing gifts for L and I.  Loving my Lakewood candle - (This candle company customizes candles with specific cities and parts of cities with a specific scent.)  Oh how I miss Lakewood:(  
And boy do we love Sophie and now a Sophie book!  Thanks Steph.  Love you!

 First time the future husband and wife BOTH sat up and shared toys.  Well, kind of shared.  Moms had to help facilitate.

"WAIT, what?" You TWO are both leaving together to have dinner and see Garth in the city?!"

 "But Miss Dianne is my babysitter?  YES!!!!!"

 Ledger's new BFF!  Oh MY - He loves this lady.  And so does his Mommy and Daddy!  
First babysitter for Ledger and she definitely set the bar high.

What a fun, baby free night!  Garth was amazing and DID NOT disappoint!

What a fun July it has been full of sun, relaxation and friends!  And it is not over....  One last hurrah before school starts!

Bob, aka Ledger's best pal,  is flying in on Wednesday while Mommy and Daddy enjoy 3 sun-filled days of this:

 Relaxing, eating, sleeping, and more relaxing...

There will probably, no there will, be some tears shed leaving my little BFF for 4 days, but he is in the best hands ever.  Brad has already set a text and call limit of 1 per day back here on the homefront...  I can do it, I can do it!  Once I see that beach, fruity drink and no monitor sitting on the nightstand, I think I'll be just fine...