Thursday, April 24, 2014

Visitors and Spring Break 2014...

Well here we are half-way through Spring Break 2014.   

Last weekend, our friends, Joe and Danna came in from Dallas.  They never made it out to the "burbs", so we joined them in the city on Friday and Saturday.  It was so fun to see them and catch up!  

Friday night we met them at Revolution.  DE-LI-CIOUS!  What a yummy weekend it was eating ourselves through the city!  It was everyone's first time to dine @ Revolution , so it was a fun experience...  

YUMMY food...

We love the Renfroe's!

Saturday, Brad and got into the city just in time for some shopping on Magazine Street.  I love that street...  So many fun clothing and shoe shops.  (We ran into Rob Ryan and his wife in one of the stores. He was outside on the phone and Brad gave me the evil eye, real quick. I think he knew I wanted a pic!  He is a HUGE deal here in Nola. - So we left, sans picture with Coach Ryan).  

We walked around for a while and then the guys thought they would be so sneaky when the cab discreetly pulled up in front of Harrah's.  I loathe that place...  Pretty much loathe any casino.  While the boys gambled their hearts away, Danna and I did some much needed people watching on Canal. 

 A smidge tacky, but I might try this the next time "Harrah's" pops into one of our conversations.

Sure honey, let's throw away $300 on a fun, lil poker game and get NOTHING in return said this girl never...

We had reservations Saturday night at Emeril's!  We had reservations at the "bar" that over looks Emeril's kitchen!  What a FUN treat that was!  Danna and I were in complete awe.  Talk about INTENSE.  No plexiglass, nothing.  We heard every word they said and every command made by the Expo - (aka kitchen manager).    Talk about multitasking.  It was the most organized chaos I have ever seen.  We seriously could have reached out and touched the "saute girl". 

Emeril's did not disappoint!

Sunday was back to the burbs for Easter service, naps, and our first "snowballs".  I am used to hearing the word "snowcones" in Texas, but they don't have those here, or Bahama Bucks, for that matter.  The snowball was good, but not a Bucks!

A local, snowball establishment.  Very retro...

Where has this week gone!  I have seen my husband a total of 3 hours since Sunday night.  Not fun!  DARN trash...

Definitely not the most fun and exciting Spring Break I have ever had, BUT I have LOVED the extra time since I have been bogged down with graduate work the past 4 days.  25 page paper due next weekend, and am trying like heck to GET IT FINISHED.  

SO with that being said - this Spring Break is EXACTLY what I needed to get all this graduate work finished and submitted.  Come on November!

 I am starting to feel like this girl.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend.    



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

French Quarter Festival & The Pink Predicament...

It is amazing how many festivals New Orleans has!  I have never seen anything like it…  This city knows how to have a great time!  There were two festivals this weekend that we (I) wanted to go to:  The French Quarter Festival and the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, LA.  I had heard so many people talk about the French Quarter Festival and I thought it would be fun.  The problem was steering my husband away from the Master’s Saturday afternoon, but I guess I caught him at a weak moment because he agreed to go!   The weather was perfect and we were off.

It did help out that we parked at the Progressive Warehouse and hitched a ride in one of these gems right up to the riverfront!  Talk about service!

 Thanks Benny!

 People were everywhere and the people watching was a SCENE! I am a people-watching fool and this venue did not disappoint.  Fabulous food, drinks, all types of music, etc…

 SO many different stages of music!

Shrimp cakes and boiled shrimp.

I feel so old!
After about three hours of “festivalling it”, Brad was done.  He had had all the music, crawfish bread, and Abita Beer he could handle.  What a fun experience it was!  

Love this guy...

One of the most embarrassing things in my teaching career happened to me yesterday.

My students have individual white boards that they work on during Math instruction on the carpet.  I use old, mismatched socks for erasers that the kids provided at the beginning of the year – (Trying to save trees…  See I can be environmental).  Anyway, I had taken the entire bag of socks home Friday to wash them because they were covered in Expo.  Yesterday morning, my student helper for the week (a little boy who is about as innocent as a little lamb), went and got the big Ziploc bag full of the socks and started passing them out to the kids on the carpet.  All of a sudden, one of my students started screaming and I turned around to see quite a SIGHT….  Yep, a pair of my pink panties were laying right there on his left hand!  I ABOUT DIED!  I swear it took me 3 long, grueling years (in slow-motion) to SPRINT across the room and yank THEM out of his hand (He was playfully holding them up for the rest of the 9 year olds to take notice...  Thanks dude.) The kids went NUTS, total mayhem broke out with uncontrollable laughter and shrieks, and then some started chanting “Mrs. Wainscott wears pink panties!”  

It was like a BAD, BAD dream...  All 21 of us had the "everyone wears underwear/panty chat" in order to try to diffuse the situation.  Didn't work as well as I had hoped (due to the endless amount of giggles for the next hour), but I tried.

Wouldn't you have loved to been a fly on the wall in those households last night?  Sigh...

Note to self - Never mix personal laundry with the sock erasers.

Have a great rest of the week!  8 hours tomorrow and Spring Break has ARRIVED....  Can I get an AMEN!



Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Palooza Saturday and Happy Birthday Charlie & Tess...

Last weekend, we had our school's big spring fundraiser, aka The Pelican Palooza!  IT was a kid paradise.  (Not so much an adult paradise:). 

A dunking booth, face paintings, dance performances, booth and booths of games where you can win cheap, plastic toys, yummy carnival food, a silent auction with a plethora of awesome items, raffles, class gift baskets and art work, and (drum roll please.....) the dreaded BOUNCE HOUSE.

I detest these things more than anything in this world.  As soon as the shoeless feet of adolescents touch the inside of one of these vinyl, inflatable contraptions, they become MONSTERS or DEVILS more like it.  And trying to man one for the "mandatory teacher one-hour shift" at the Pelican Palooza, was the highlight of my day.  (Hence the sarcasm).  "I would love to listen to a teacher for a 6th straight day!" - say no child ever.  I tried to be upbeat and cheery with my repeated requests to "Watch out for the little kids."  "Be careful!"  "Don't jump on him/her!"  "If you are going to vomit, EXIT NOW!"  But that lasted a smooth 3 minutes...  

Then the beast came out...  At the end of my shift, I was just making sure no one was dead.  That was success to me!

 Like I said, birth control at it's finest.

But the highlight of the morning was the Teachers vs. Students Relay Race!  I love me a competition and especially when it is one between the kids vs. teachers.  I am NOT one of those teachers that says.. "Come one ladies.  We need to let the kids win!"  NEGATIVE!!!!!  And luckily all the teachers on the relay, had the same outlook as I did. - OUT FOR BLOOD! 

We dominated...  And had a ball!  The kids did a great job, but not as fast as the "old ladies" (I overheard one kid call us... - That was pure motivation!)

2014 Winners!

2013 Winners!
My Dallas gals and I after our domination of the 5th graders!  Gosh I am going to miss the annual 5th graders vs. Teacher Kickball Game.  Maybe I can fly back for it:)

My precious Hayden (every teacher's dream!) and sweet Christina. 

My class's art work for the auction...

Walking toward the Palooza on the gorgeous lakefront of Lake Pontchartrain.

What a WONDERFUL week this has been!  A week full of special birthdays.  

(Apparently Lydia and Lindley never manned a bounce house...)

Mister Charlie Tiberius Wright made his debut on Tuesday, April 2th - a whopping 8 weeks EARLY.  He was ready to come out and meet the world.  I am so happy for Ben and Lydia, I can hardly stand it!  Even though Charlie is small, he is a fighter and has the BEST parents.

Sweet Momma Lyd and Charlie

And the other special birthday belongs to Tess Leanne Herring!  I love my Lin.  She makes me laugh harder than anyone some days.  Called her yesterday morning on my way to work and she was as busy as a bee like normal, probably cleaning or doing something productive.  She was just ticked to no other that she couldn't have her coffee and peanut butter pop-tart. Only Lin!

And the neat thing is that Cameron, Tess's older sister was born on September 9th and  Tess was born April 4th!  
9-9 and 4-4!  So fun.  

Looking good Momma!  Cam and Tess are going to be best friends.  I just know it!

Makes me sad I wasn't there for these two birthdays, but summer is just around the corner and I feel like a week month long road-trip throughout Texas is already inked in on my calendar. 

The hubs leaves tomorrow with my Dad and brothers for the "Ultimate Boy's Trip":

 This has been on my Dad's Bucket List for a long time.  I am so glad that he is getting to do this lil outing with his two sons and son-in-law. 

Don't worry babe...  I'll man the house, teach America's youth, complete my grad school assignments, and slave away in LA while you have a great time.  Kidding!

I am so glad my Dad, Cody, Slade and Brad get to spend 4 days together bonding over golf.  I always hoped and prayed that whoever I married would mesh well with the bros and Dad.  And Brad has done just that and more...

I am sure my brothers and father wonder some days, "How does Brad do it?"  Well some one has to and I am sure glad God chose Brad to do it! 

Have a great weekend everyone...