Wednesday, October 29, 2014

48 Hour Trip...

Last weekend, I headed back to the hometown for a quick weekend.  IT was a whirlwind of a trip...  Flying will wear a pregnant girl plum OUT.  Sure beats the 15- hour jaunt though....  I'll take Southwest any day over 15 hours in a car having to go to the bathroom every 12 miles.  No thank you!

Had to get my Tex-Mex fix at Love in Dallas...

Saturday morning three of my girlfriends and three of my mom's dearest friends threw Ledger a baby shower at my girlfriend Cassie's new home.  She was so gracious to want to host Ledger's shower.  It is on 4 acres and GORGEOUS!  Ledger received TONS of clothes, books, and baby must-haves.  

Fun sign for "L"!

Darling onesies... 
 Ledger already loves his "Bob!"

Three of the best hostesses ever!

One of my high school girlfriends came - Tarabeth.  Just love her and she is a newlywed.  Just back from the honeymoon in Hawaii and she was just GLOWING!  SO happy for her.

Miss this girl terribly...

What an amazing day it was to be with some of my dearest friends.  Thank you for loving the Wainscott Three... 

As soon as I landed, it was off to the Saints Game.  This momma was TIRRREEDD, but I sucked it up (The hubs owes me, I told him....)  But WHAT a game it was!  The Saints have been struggling a bit this season, so it was good to see a victory over the Packers.  

Ledger's first Saints game.  

Here is Little Wayne.  He was next door to us and was a very "spirited" Packer fan.  He weighed about 87 lbs. soaking wet.  His butt might have been equivalent to one of my thighs.  I could have body slammed him or put him in my pocket.

And on a random note, I enjoyed my very first satsuma (a cousin of the mandarin orange?) this week.  I hadn't a clue what this fruit was, but apparently all the Louisianans do.  I was told to ignore the green peel.  I did and it did not DISAPPOINT.... Delicious!

Two more days to survive this hectic, busy week.  Halloween does something to my sweet, little angels.  The tears, arguing and tattling have been at an all-time high this week (and we have two more days...)  And one of my students thinks she is a cat.  No, really she does.  I looked over yesterday and she had a 24 inch paper tail taped to her bottom.  Awesome.  

Thank the Lord Halloween falls on a Friday this year.   



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dessert Anyone?...

Nothing monumental has happened at the Wainscott household lately…  Except this belly is getting out of control.  I am worried that Ledger could be a 10-pounder come January!  (Shoot me now...)

Feeling amazing after the brief hospital stint a couple of weeks ago.  Cannot wait to get that bill... (Brad is already sweating...) Expensive little stay-cation in St. Tammany Parish Hospital.  Would have rather of been at a stay-cation at the Ritz, but I don't think they have plethora of IV’s, meds, and round the clock on-hand nurses…..  But what do you do?!

Heaven....  Maybe I will see this someday after Ledger!:) 

I have always loved to bake.  I think I get it from my Mom.  That lady is ALWAYS whipping up something in the kitchen (And she never has to go to the store to buy ANY ingredients.  Who has baking chips of all flavors in their pantry??  That would be Sharon.) 

BUT, since being pregnant, this is pretty much all I do on the weekends (hence the 10 lb. baby)  It’s pretty much out of control.  But the good thing is that Brad and I enjoy the dessert and then it goes to school on Mondays!  My 3rd grade team is enjoying the PERKS!  Here is what has been baking up in the kitchen!

 The best chocolate chip cookie recipe from a complete stranger's blog that I blog stalk.....

Peanut Butter Chip Cookies from my sister-in-law Christy's aunt!

 A Red Velvet Bundt Cake from Mix and Match Momma's Blog...  It wasn't a Nothing Bundt Cake, but pretty darn close....

And last but certainly not least...  This Lady...

Pioneer Woman

Her recipe for the best chocolate sheet cake ever.  Please google it and make it quick.  IT does live up to it's NAME!  
Holy Cow.....

 These are next on the list:   

 Monster Cookies.....  Oh, these look to die for!

 To add to my carb loading, I am now addicted to cereal….  I pretty much eat cereal every morning for breakfast and every night for dinner.  The trashier the cereal and the more grams of sugar it has per serving; the better.  I do use skim milk though.  That has to count for something...

This is my steak and lobster these days... Totally grosses the husband out.

And finally....

I do not mind checking the mail and getting a random fun package such as this one!  LOVE LOVE this.  Thank you Mary Carol Morgan!  This is darling.  Totally worth the wait!:)  You are too sweet....

Quick solo trip to Texas this weekend and couldn’t be happier about seeing Mom and Dad,  my TX Panhandle friends, and celebrating little Ledger! 
Have a great rest of week and weekend… 



Thursday, October 9, 2014

Showered with Love (from a hospital bed)...

It was off to Dallas last Friday for my Dallas Baby Shower.  I was so excited to see all my girls, family and friends. 

We left at the crack of dawn to head out get to Dallas by 2:30.  We headed up to IKEA because I bought a dresser to use as a changing table.  IT got great reviews and is super contemporary (and white, of course)!

Here it is!  I love these fun overlays and different fun knobs.  I may have to do this! 

Little did Brad or I know, it was coming in a lovely assortment of three different boxes.  He was THRILLED I could tell....  This sure may be cutting into his football watching time this weekend!:)  Sorry babe!

We had dinner with our sweet dear friend Stephanie on Friday night.  Brad and I just adore this girl.  She makes me laugh like no other!  Brad and her were on a roll that night, due to their "wine consumption".  I was laughing so hard I thought I might pee my pants.  She wasn't able to attend my shower on Saturday, so I am so glad we were about to spend some time with her!

Sweet Steph.

Shower Day had arrived and I couldn't wait!  My friend, Carrie had graciously offered to host it at her new house.  Talk about an AMAZING decorator!  IT.WAS.DARLING.  And she has the best art!  I had 7 sweet, sweet hostesses which are some of my best friends.  These girls OUTDID themselves.  

Lydia, Jeaneal, Carrie, Lori, Stephanie and Katie.  (Steph Bolton in spirit!)

Sweet sign driving up...

 Fun spread of goodies, especially mini Nothing Bundt Cakes!  My fave!

A fun, frothy, blue drink that I was unable to partake in!  Looked delicious though! 

Darling Onesies hanging form the mantle!  Hello Martin Family!:)

Bob and her Marlowe!  Marlowe was a HUGE helper!:)

Excited about the Texas Tech onesie!

Showing some love for the SAINTS!  

And for the back.....  WAINSCOTT 00.  Thanks Aunt Nancy!

 When I opened the Bumbo, Marlowe's eyes lit up like Christmas.  She ran over to it and hopped right on the cardboard and all.  She was like, "I think I know what this is!  I used to have one!"

Sweet blanket with Ledger's name monogrammed...

Lil Camilla got to come out and play!

Lindz, me and Mom.  Lindz is due in April, so Bob is going to be working overtime come 2015!  REST UP MOM!
Missing the Christy in the pic.  Nap time was calling for Miss M!

Brad and sweet Debra....

Brad's wonderful aunts and Grandma!  They DEFINITELY spoiled Ledger this weekend!  Love you LADIES!

What a fun, special day it was.  I could just cry thinking about how many people came from all my walks of life in Dallas!  SO many special women that I love, have been my mentors, women I look up to, adore and miss terribly.   It was definitely an emotional day all for one special little boy.

And last but not least.....  This blog is coming to you from:

The lovely St. Tammany Parish Hospital...  This was my "YOU'RE not letting me go home today?" face......) 

Started feeling bad on Monday night, but really didn't think anything of it! I'M PREGNANT, I kept telling myself.  Tuesday morning came, and it was bad.  I called and got into my OB @ 4:00 that afternoon.  That was an extremely long drive.  I was scared to death, not about me feeling horrible, but for lil Ledger's health and well being.  Diagnosis was a raging kidney infection and with 102.6 fever at the Dr.'s office, they said the words no one wants to hear......  "We have to admit you Heather."  Tears started flowing, and immediately I knew that this where God wanted me to be. 

I am DEFINITELY not the best patient:   I do not like to lay around.  I do not want to miss school and my sweet kiddos.  I have grad. school assignments deadlines to meet.  I have a plethora of thank you notes to write, the house needs to be vacuumed, Windexed (I love some Windex- maybe too much!), and etc....  I am sure you get the point. My mind, like many of yours, is CONSTANT....  With that being said, hopefully I will be out of here tomorrow at some point.  We just need the fever not to spike again today and hopefully "Good-bye Hospital" tomorrow morning!

And these beautiful flowers arrived today!  Thanks Lyd and Steph.  Too sweet.  Such a fun surprise....

Hope you all have had a great week with this wonderful, fall weather.