Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I love when girls do "Favorites" posts!  Kind of like Oprah, but without the give-away.  Sorry people...

Here are a couple of my faves lately!

1.  Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer

I cannot say enough about this product.  I am seriously addicted.  Morning, noon, pre-workout, post-workout,  after bath, ANYTIME.....  It is light, airy, not sticky and simply heavenly.  Go out and buy a couple of bottles.  TRUST ME - You will love it.  I have the pure oat scent, but they offer three to four different sprays. 

2.  Pumpkin Spice M&M's

O.....M......G......!  What in the WORLD is this heaven?  Just strolling through the mecca of Target today, and stumbled on these little jewels.  I cannot say enough and had opened the bag by the time I got to my car. Sad, so sad...   I saved enough for Brad, and yes, he agreed - AMAZING!  Go people - RUN and grab a bag or 4!

3.  Favorite Coffee Creamer

I started drinking coffee after Brad and I started dating.  ODD - It took only 35 years for me to enjoy coffee.  Now I dress it up pretty well, but hey - It's coffee!  The ONLY coffee I will drink is Pike from Starbucks.  Pretty much a SB snob....  But I love our Keurig and Pike K-Cups.  I might drink one K-cup at home from 5:30-6:30 am, and then stop @ Starbuck's around 6:50 for my second cup!  When I am at home, I LIVE for this sugar-free creamer.  No Splenda needed with this silky, smooth non-sugary liquid!  They have all different kinds!   WINNER!


 4.  Favorite Body Scrub

GIRLS - Trust me on this one.  This product is UNBELIEVABLE!  I love some bath products.... Bath and Body, The Body Shop, Victoria's Secret, expensive, name it - I will buy it!  But this product takes the cake.  Margo's Sea Salt Scrub is out of this world.  Not the cheapest...but oh so worth it.  The scent alone will rope you in.  After you get over the delicious smell, you then  exfoliate your whole body, gently soak for 5-10 minutes in the tub and finally rinse off.  HELLO?!?!?! - It's like you have stepped out of the Ritz-Carlton Spa.  Trust me on this one.... And thank you Michelle Davitt for buying me my first Margo's product!  I have since ordered A LOT more.....  Feel free to mail me more here in LA.

5.  Favorite Sign I Have Seen Lately

I simply have no words......

6.  Favorite 3 Yr. Old


He MELTS my heart.....

Love All~


Monday, August 26, 2013

48 Hours of Familia Fun!

Well - the time had come.  It was time to return to the grand old state of Texas for less than 48 hours.  Not griping, but the time flew.....  It was Briggsy's birthday!  We were off to Wichita Falls, Friday after school!

SO close to "Dallas".  Airport doesn't count!

We landed in Dallas, made a quick stop at Taco C (Cabana), and made it to the Falls late Friday night....  Knox and Briggs were already in bed, so we got to have some adult conversation and catch-up time Friday night!  Miss those two people so bad....

Saturday morning had arrived and I nearly peed my pants to see the two cutest boys I know!  I was GIDDY - Brad was SUPER giddy himself when I woke up at 7:45 am and then woke him up.  I know those Hodges boys and their wake-up times.  Didn't want to waste ONE SECOND!

That's Racretia...  Yep... Knox named her.  Good purchase for Brad and I in LA.

Sweet little birthday boy.  

Talking to Uncle Brad
Saturday morning we played, rode scooters, took walks, and waited for Bob, Bebo, DoDo, DeDe and sweet, precious Marlowe to arrive.....
He's a pro.....

Cannot get enough of these two....

What a fun day to ALL be together!  I know the times are few and far between now with us living in Egypt, so I just want to soak up every minute.

The Fiesta-themed party was too cute!  Lindz is SO creative and her decorations are always too fun.

Dad hauled the "cooker" from Hereford, and cooked two kinds of sausage, beans, chicken and beef fajita meat, 9 racks of ribs, and all the FIXINGS!  If you know my Dad, you know he ALWAYS cooks for an army every time he cooks.  It doesn't matter if we tell him that there will be 5, 21 or 50 people in attendance, he always cooks triple the amount of food that is needed.  Left-overs are always AVAILABLE with the Hodges'.....Becky, Gan Gan, Bob and Lindz did all the rest; Chuy's spicy dip, Bob's "papas", homemade guacamole, deviled eggs, jello salad, another potato side, and Gan Gan's chocolate cake!  TO DIE FOR!...  We love our food in this family. 

 The guys supervising....

Briggs with two of his favorite ladies.  Gan Gan and Bob!

One of Bob's bffs....
Sweet Marlowe and Knox!
Two of my other favorite people! 
Loves his autographed Wes jersey....
Hodges Gals.....  Love these two:)
Love this guy...

Briggs LOVED his smash cake.  That kid went to town.  Ate the whole darn thing.  I just knew that Slade and Lindz were going to be cleaning vomit around 3:00 am, but NOT this first bday!  Briggs ate it ALL and kept it down.....  WOOHOO!

Getting down to business.  First sugar EVER folks.  I think he liked it.

Sunday we all hung out with our Starbucks, Diet DP's, Dandy's doughnuts and yep, you called it, leftover ribs and fajitas for lunch.  

DeDe and the crazy kids.  Protecting MJ with her life!

  Like father, like son....

Watching Adam and Tiger...

Bebo and Briggsy being silly

It was a sad good-bye, but I held it together better than I thought.  Brad was so glad.  

Let's talk about the Sunday after our wedding.  Sharon and I said our good-byes in the Abuelo's parking lot.  You would have thought my left arm, four teeth, and right foot had all been cut off.  It was ugly folks....  I mean U-G-L-Y.  Heaving, nasty, snot-dripping crying en route to Lubbock Municipal Airport.  Brad sweetly just rubbed my leg silently and was probably thinking, "Is is too late to call this thing off?  Do you think she will notice if I drop her and her luggage off and head for the hills?"

Family is everything to me.  I love these people so much it hurts.  We have all had our issues, been through frustrating times, happy times, times that humble us, times that maybe we've screamed at each other, slammed a couple doors, but we have always loved each other endlessly.  Never a dull moment with the Hodges/Wainscott's. (Tried to get Brad to change his name to "Hodges" - He didn't bite.) - Kidding...

Love All~


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Briggs and Bugs.....

Happy Birthday Briggs!  

You are one year old today! WOW!  It seems like yesterday I raced to Wichita Falls from Dallas to get there for your arrival...  Made it just in time.

You are such a sweet, little boy, with such a sweet spirit.  You love your MOMMY and DADDY, and of course lil Knoxie, (as I call him).  You are so loved; you have no idea.    I cannot wait to get my hands on you this weekend at your "Fiesta"!  TEXAS bound for the Wainscotts......  

Let's talk bugs....  I am talking big bugs.  3-6 inch grasshoppers to be exact!  Well these friendly, little creatures surround my school every morning at our Morning Meeting.  (Morning Meeting teacher friends is where the WHOLE school sits on the Pelican's Nest for announcements, birthdays, menus, singing, saying the pledge, etc.... Don't laugh - We are the Pelicans. Yes friends, 5 days a week for around 15 minutes a morning.  From 8:40-9:00.....  Yep,  we start our day here with a pep rally!  Little different than good, old Lakewood in Dallas)....  
If you know me well...  I will take a reptile, insect or amphibian ANY DAY over a 4-legged, furry friend.  Call me cold-hearted if you want.  I just don't do cats or dogs.....  Dogs need constant love and attention and cats - there are just NO words for those creatures.  None-

Us Hodges' did have one dog in our lifetime in H-town...Teagan.  He was a beagle with a limp leg, due to him being raised on the concrete patio in the backyard.  Thanks Dad. One summer we went to Las Vegas on vacation, and got a tearful call from the family that was watching him across the street.  Apparently, Teagan got into some snail bait in the flowerbeds and Teagan went to "doggie heaven".  That was the extent of dogs in the Hodges Household.  SO.....

Here are my pets for now....

I know two of my girlfriend's that would scream like little GIRLS if they happened across one of my new buddies.... (Robin and Lyd).  Wow - There are no words for how they would react to these gems....

Love All~

Sunday, August 18, 2013

City Fix

Brad surprised me with a little "staycation" in New Orleans this weekend.  We left right after lunch on Saturday - I was thrilled!!!

We were BOTH needing some definite city time... Yes I know that I am from small, cow town America - but after living in Dallas the past 7 years, I think of myself as a "city" girl.  I like droves of people, small traffic jams, hearing sirens at 3:00 am, fast drivers, weird/odd looking people, and etc...  None of that here in the burbs. Just peace and quiet.  I am sure I will grow to love it - one day. 

We first stopped by our hotel to drop off our things - Hotel Indigo!  Oh my.  It was amazing.  Very modern and eclectic....  We could have moved right on in.  It was like Z Gallerie on crack. 

We then headed to the French Quarter to do some shopping (my fave).  We walked around the charming streets and then headed over to Bourbon to take in the sites and weird people....  The weather was amazing - mid 70's and overcast.  A perfect afternoon!

 Love these guys that do this.  He did not budge!!

Neither did this guy...  

 Have no words for this guy.  Yes I said "guy".

 Brad had made dinner reservations at Mr. John's.  Neither one of us had been there - and WOW!  We will definitely be back!  If you are ever in NOLA - this is a must.  A quiet steakhouse in the Garden District.  One thing about Brad and I, we love to eat!  We love restaurants.  AND 90% of the time we base where we will dine if the restaurant has a caprese salad on the menu.  (Tomato mozzarella if you are not up on the lingo).  We eat it at least twice a week.  Mr. Tom's caprese salad is on our top 5 EVER; fresh, cold tomatoes, soft, salty mozzarella, smooth olive oil and balsamic vinegar and the best pesto I have ever eaten.  I could go on and on, but I'll spare you.


 Don't judge...  We shared!

Crab and Andouille Sausage Mac and Cheese...  

We then headed to Harrah's.  Oh boy - that was a JOY!  Let's just say - Harrah's made some cash off my husband.

Ended the weekend up this morning with a delicious brunch at Dante's.  Hello - Carb overload.  It was great.  A cozy, little spot close to the Tulane campus.....  I'll let the pics do the talking - 

 Ladies and Gentlemen - That is a biscuit.  HOLY MOLY!  

 After the biscuit, I thought I needed this little migas burrito.  Not weighing tomorrow....

Food coma....

Ok - Enough playing tourist and back to being Mrs. Wainscott tomorrow.  Reality calls.

Love All~